Student Feature: Gillian, Senior Class

What do you love about Portsmouth Christian Academy?
I love the environment of PCA. I love how we are able to really get to know the other students because of the size. It creates a more tight knit community. It allows for us to have deeper connections to other students. It also allows us to get to know our teachers and have a relationship with them as well. Even though we all commute from different areas, we all come together for sporting events, fundraisers, and to cheer others on like in plays, musicals, and concerts. In my short time here, it feels like I have become part of a family.

In what ways have you grown (spiritually, academically and/or developmentally) as a result of your experience at PCA?
I can definitely see a change in myself from when I first arrived at PCA. When I came freshman year, I hadn’t had much exposure to Christianity. I did occasionally attend church, and I knew who Jesus was, but I didn’t really know all that Jesus has done for us, or how great God’s love is. PCA showed me all of this. The chapels from other students really helped with this because it was helpful seeing people my age share their spiritual journeys. I have also grown academically with the help of the amazing teachers at PCA. They are always willing to answer a question, or work with you during a free period.

Portsmouth Christian Academy’s mission is “to honor God joyfully by inspiring students to maximize their God-given potential.” How do you experience this mission at PCA?
The entire faculty is very encouraging of students and their interests. If an activity interferes with the completion of an assignment, teachers are very understanding and will help students manage their workload and doing what they enjoy. Teachers always give positive feedback to us, along with constructive criticism that allows us to grow as students.

How do you feel that PCA is preparing you for graduation, college and life?
PCA is teaching me how to manage a full work load, and how to complete it all to the best of my ability.

What makes PCA different from other schools in our area?
PCA has so much love. Everyone is there for each other. We all want our peers to succeed. We are a family.

What opportunities do you experience at PCA that you don’t think you would have gotten to experience anywhere else?
I did the musical last year, and the director saw potential in me and gave me a dance solo! She saw that I loved dancing and allowed me to share it with the PCA community.

Originally Posted: February 22, 2019