“The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.”  J.S. Bach

PCA cultivates musicians…

PCA actively cultivates the skills necessary for excellent musicianship.  Music is not only for a select few, but is accessible to everyone – and every student can develop the skills necessary to be a musician. Music is foundational to education and all students at PCA study music through the 8th grade.

…of excellent craft

Musicians improve and progress as they move through the PCA program. Musical skills are enhanced and developed in every class period and at every rehearsal.  PCA advanced musicians have been selected for All-State ensembles and participate in other state-wide music festivals as well.

…and character

Excellence is pursued at all levels, as we seek to understand the relationship between our faith and the arts.  Musical participation is cooperative and we seek to encourage those around us, while striving for our best in every rehearsal.

…who reflect God’s image

Music brings us joy as a way to honor God as creative beings.  Believing music is made to be shared and to bless others, we show God’s love through music in the community at nursing homes, churches, and other venues.

…through joyful creative expression!

Students at every level are encouraged to create music individually and as a group.  Joy characterizes our music classes!

Primary grade students receive a solid foundation in singing on pitch, keeping a steady beat, and doing this in an expressive way.  Music literacy begins as early as first grade.

Instrumental music is introduced to all third graders by giving them an opportunity to learn the violin.  Classroom music in the Lower School transitions to a performance-based program beginning in fourth grade.  All students in grades 4 through 8 perform in a musical group (orchestra, band, chorus or a fourth track which can include world music, ukulele or music technology).

PCA is one of few schools in the Seacoast to offer an orchestra at the Upper School level.  Chorus, jazz band, and worship team are other opportunities Upper School students enjoy. Music is not required at our Upper School, but 30% of our Upper School students choose to participate in music ensembles.

Advanced high school instrumentalists play alongside professional musicians in the pit orchestra for our spring musical.  And each year, students from our Upper School have been selected, through a rigorous audition, for All-State music ensembles.

Private lessons are available on-site through our Kaleidoscope program.