Family Story: The Mezey Family

“We made the choice for PCA almost 7 years ago because we believed that a Christian education that didn’t compromise strong academics would give our children the best opportunity to be prepared for their lives outside of our home someday.

The teachers, staff and administrators invest in my kids’ lives in a thoroughly Christian environment, one that is safe – physically, mentally, and spiritually – and where they’re able to be challenged and developed.

PCA does a phenomenal job at putting students in a position to start to see what their God-given potential could be, whether that is through public speaking, involvement with their classmates, athletics, music, or other extracurricular activities. I’ve always appreciated that the teachers and leaders have been committed to helping kids see how their potential ties back to God. 

We’ve seen each of our kids grow at PCA in different ways, but the common theme for all of them is how they’ve built a healthy sense of self-confidence in their ability to learn academically, a healthy humility in how they see themselves in relationship to their Savior and, as they’ve matured, have learned to overcome the natural challenges that they face throughout their development.

When we enrolled our first child in PCA’s kindergarten, we were told that PCA’s commitment to us was to make a safe place for our children to grow.  And seven years later, I can say that PCA has consistently made good on that promise. I didn’t fully understand what that meant when we first heard it, but I sure do appreciate it now.” 

Originally Posted: March 25, 2020