Family Story: The Eastman Family

In addition to being one of our terrific 4th-Grade Teachers, Mrs. Eastman is also a mom to two PCA students. We’re so thankful that Kaitlyn shares her gift for teaching and inspiring young students with us, and we’re especially grateful that she’s brought her family along with her to PCA.

“Ever since I was a teenager, I felt called to teach in a Christian school. I was worried that the dream or calling would never come true because I wasn’t sure how to activate that calling. Though it took some time, God eventually paved the way and led me here to PCA. Even though I was working at PCA, I will admit that sending our children to a private Christian school was never the plan. Our plan was to always send our kiddos to the public schools because that is where we grew up.”

“Upon learning more about PCA’s preschool program and praying about it, we knew that PCAP (Portsmouth Christian Academy Preschool) would be the right place for our son (and next year for our daughter!) To have teachers who reinforce all of the things our son learns at home is much more important to us than we may have realized when we first started thinking about school. We aren’t sure what the future holds for our children, but God does, and we are so blessed that PCA is part of that plan!”

Originally Posted: September 17, 2019