Family Story: The Cooper Family

Written shortly after her daughter Kiara’s transfer to PCA, the quote below comes from her mom. A stand-out cross-country runner and gifted academic, Kiara graduated in the Class of 2022 and is currently enrolled at the University of New England, studying Marine Biology.

“Our daughter began at PCA last fall and was quickly accepted into what feels like a big family. We chose PCA because we wanted our daughter to have an opportunity to get an excellent education and continue to strengthen her Christian faith. When we visited the school, it was clear to us that PCA was the right choice. The teachers, administrators, and students we met made the choice much easier.

We love the challenging academics and faith-based atmosphere. We can tell that the teachers care for our daughter and want to prepare her for the next level of education and the next step in life. Our daughter struggled in her previous school in math, to the point where she didn’t like school and would become upset because of grades. Since she’s transferred to PCA, math has been her strongest subject. She loves school. In addition to academics, she is a member of the orchestra and cross-country team and is thriving at PCA with a great group of friends.

While we know we can credit our daughter’s self-initiative for some of her success, we know her transformation is also due to the teachers and upperclassmen who have mentored her, as well as her reliance on the Lord.”

Originally Posted: November 13, 2019