Student Feature: Supported in Community, Growing in Independence

Evie, Grade 10

We’re continuing to celebrate International Week at the Upper School by sharing stories of international students within our own PCA family! Today, we are spotlighting Evie, from Hunan, China. Coming to PCA as a Freshman, she’s currently in her Sophomore year and eager to share how her time here has impacted her thus far.  Continue reading to learn more about her experience at PCA.

“I would say, from a little girl, I’ve grown into a young woman.

So tell me a little bit about how you started at PCA? 

I started at PCA the end of last year, and it was great to be with my friends and all of PCA’s teachers for the whole year. And I really appreciate everything the teachers have done for me, and I’m thankful for my friends who supported me. And [PCA] is a really loving family, if I’m honest. I met my best friends here, and I have met lovely teachers. 

That’s great that at PCA you’ve felt like a part of a family! How have relationships or friendships with peers or teachers here impacted you? 

I think one of my favorite teachers is Mrs. Blatchley, and she’s the sweetest teacher to me! I actually had a tough time at first when I wasn’t really used to being here. And even though I had some of my friends, they weren’t really [connecting] with my heartMrs. Blatchley told me how to solve these things, and she told me what I should do in my relationships and how to relax my emotionshow to do all these things that count. 

So how do you feel like you’ve grown, then at PCA? 

I would say, from a little girl, I’ve grown into a young woman. I learned not only just study or subjects from PCA, I also learned how to control my mood, how to make great friends, and how to talk with different kinds of people as well. It was really hard to leave home at only fifteen, to come here. Like I was a little baby when I was in China, you know? All the people were around me and did everything for me. And now I have to learn to take care of myself, I have to cook for myselfand I’m learning to do things on my own. And my host parents help me a lot. But I think I’m really lucky to learn how to be independent like this. 

Is there anything you would want to share with people interested in PCA? 

At PCA, teachers are willing to know students deeply, and they really want to, you know? They want to know how we are doing, and really talk to usto really do the best things for us, which is really helpfulI came here because I wanted to go to one of the universities in Bostonbut I thought, Boston is a little too noisy and busy because of all the people. So instead, I found that PCA was not too far and was a suitable school. 

Thanks for sharing! It’s so good to hear that PCA has been taking care of you. 

Yeah, it’s like my second mom! 


 我从去年年底来PCA,很高兴能与我的朋友和PCA的所有老师一起度过一年。我真的很感谢老师们为我所做的一切,也很感谢我支持我的朋友们。 PCA是一个充满爱的大家庭。如果我说实话,我在这里遇到了我最好的朋友,也遇到了可爱的老师们 


 我认为我最喜欢的老师之一是布拉奇利女士,她是对我最温柔体贴的老师!刚开始我在这里还不太习惯时,我实际上度过了一段挺艰难的时期。即使当时我有一些朋友,但他们还没有与我建立真正亲密的关系。 Blatchley老师告诉我如何解决这些问题,她告诉我在人际关系中应该做什么以及如何放松情绪。她教我如何做所有这些重要的事情 




 PCA老师们愿意深入的去了解我们他们是真心想知道我们过的怎么样并真正与我们交谈,尽可能地为我们的好处着想,这真的很有帮助。我之所以来到这里,是因为我想去波士顿的一所大学但我想 “波士顿因为人太多而有点太吵杂和繁忙了” 而我发现PCA不太远,是一所合适的学校 



“…I wanted to go to one of the universities in Boston, but I thought, ‘Boston is a little too noisy and busy because of all the people’. So instead, I found that PCA was not too far and was a suitable school.“

Interview originally recorded in English, translated to Evie’s native language in Mandarin Chinese.