Student Feature: Carol, Senior Class

Carol is an international student from China. Read her story in her native language and in English!




Mr. Foley  因为他的课程很有趣,也给学生很多时间表达自己的意见。
















What do you love about PCA? 

We have small class sizes so it’s easier to establish a personal relationship with the teacher. If we have a problem either in life or in school, they are willing to answer/discuss it in their free time. The students are loving and caring.

Who is one of your favorite teachers? Describe why he/she is a favorite. 

Mr. Foley. In his class, he provides lots of opportunities for students to express their own idea of the book. From the discussion we can get different perspectives of the book and can be more objective. Also, he is really humorous so you will never be bored.

PCA’s mission is to “Honor God joyfully by inspiring students to maximize their God-given potential.” How do you experience this mission at PCA?

During chapel, students have chances to share their experiences with God and how they are changed which is really inspiring. Also, the theatre and sports programs give students the chance to explore their interests apart from the academic field.

How do you feel that PCA is preparing you for graduation, college, and life? 

The homework load is comparable to the college level. There are different activities students can participate in, both academic and athletic. With all the extracurricular activities, students have a great opportunity to learn to manage their time efficiently and organize all the tasks for different subjects.

What makes PCA different from other schools in our area? 

The people at PCA are very nice and encouraging. There is less drama and it makes students feel more secure.

What opportunities do you experience at PCA that you don’t think you would have gotten to experience anywhere else? 

For example, when you are having a bad day, faculty and students who you do not really know as well will come and comfort you. There is a special and strong bond in the PCA family.

Originally Posted: November 30, 2018