Bring a Friend to School Day

So encourage each other & build each other up, just as you are already doing.  I Thessalonians 5:11 NLT

When PCA announced that they were hosting a Bring a Friend Day, Lorden, a second grader at PCA, immediately thought of his very good friend, Tobin. Tobin and Lorden had been close friends while they both attended the Pre-School program (PCAP) at PCA. Lorden’s Mom extended the invitation for Tobin to Tobin’s parents and they happily accepted. Tobin’s Mom shared that she had been praying about her son’s education and this invitation from a friend seemed to be a sign.

The morning of Bring a Friend Day, the students and guests poured into the Main Lobby and each were given a gift from the Admissions team. Tobin arrived early with his father. Soon, Lorden showed up and the two of them went off just as though there had been no separation.

The boys developed this amazing bond while they were in PCAP. Pre-School Teachers, Miss Sue and Miss Beth fondly remember having Tobin in PCAP for two years. Miss Sue was overwhelmed with emotion when Elaina Russo, director of Admissions, told her that she had a special guest who wanted to see Miss Sue. Miss Sue and Tobin had a mini reunion before the boys were off to the gymnasium for morning Chapel.

Lorden explained different things about PCA as the boys strolled to the gymnasium. He told them how both recesses worked, what time they were and other facts that second graders need to know. Before the morning exercises and prayers, Tobin and Lorden got a photo with Dr. Lawrence, Dean of Academics and Director of Mosaic at PCA.

After the morning exercises, Tobin was greeted warmly by Lorden’s teacher, Mrs. DiTomasso.  Tobin and Lorden spent the day together experiencing PCA through new eyes. When Tobin went home that night he had so many wonderful stories about PCA and how it felt to be a student for the day!

Thank you, Tobin, for visiting PCA and thank you, Lorden , for inviting your friend.

A picture Tobin gave to Miss Beth when he was in Pre-School ( which she kept. )