Student Feature: Becca, Junior Class

“I started at PCA in the pre-school at three years old. It’s been sixteen years since I have started, and in that time I loved my teachers and the students. The teachers invest in us and they truly care. They help us academically and spiritually. They are there in any moments we need them. They invest so much time into us and it doesn’t go unnoticed. They become our family and mentors, shaping us into the people we have become. They make the whole PCA experience, and they are a part of why I have been here for so long.

I love the atmosphere of PCA, specifically the high school. Everyone is kind and we all know each other really well. The PCA community is extremely close. Seeing people support the sports teams and theatre productions and cheering them on is so amazing.

The rigorous work load is preparing me for college and life beyond schooling.

PCA has prepared me spiritually, academically, and socially. I’ve grown in so many ways here. The teachers have provided me with the foundation of my faith and the tools to carry it out in the world. The rigorous work load is preparing me for college and life beyond schooling. I found my faith at PCA and truly learned the value of it. I found the value of true friendship and hard work. Being at PCA I learned to push myself socially and academically. PCA shapes the person I am today and I’m so grateful for that.

This school changed my life, and shaped me to be who I am, it is definitely worth it. This school means everything to me, I don’t know what I would do without it.”

Originally Posted: December 18, 2019