Back-to-School Night: Who, What and Why?

Mother and father sitting down with their child looking at his art work

The first month of school can be a laborious process for families. Morning routines need to be established to get to school on time. Parents need to figure out where they’re supposed to get information about supplies and when Picture Day is. The students have to learn the names of all their new classmates and figure out where they’re supposed to get changed for soccer. All of this can be overwhelming if you don’t have a place you can ask questions. That’s where Back-to-School Night comes to save the day…or, night.

Back-to-School Night serves a 3-pronged purpose:

  1. Build Parental Understanding: Our hope for Back-to-School Night is that parents will leave the event with a deeper understanding of what their child’s day at school looks like, including the curriculum and classroom atmosphere. The event offers families a unique opportunity to step into the shoes of their children and see firsthand what a day at school entails. It’s a chance to explore our hallways, peek into classrooms, and gain insight into their child’s school experience.
  2. Facilitate Active Participation: We want our parents to feel more involved in their child’s education, which is a vital ingredient for academic success. We talk a lot about “parent partnership” at PCA. This is one of those events where you can truly partner with us. It provides teachers with a platform to discuss parent expectations, share insights about classroom dynamics, outline homework policies, and detail methods of communication. Moreover, it equips parents with valuable warning signs, signaling when they should reach out to teachers for support.
  3. Build Compassionate Community: The last purpose of Back-to-School Night, but not least, is building community. Throughout the year, there are lots of times when we can celebrate with each other. However, there are also times where we need to lean on one another. Being able to put names and faces together of your child’s teachers and fellow parents will help you build a network that you can rely on throughout the school year and even as your child progresses from grade to grade. It creates a support network where parents can share experiences, exchange ideas, and offer each other encouragement. This network becomes a valuable resource, whether you’re seeking advice on helping your child with homework or looking for ways to engage with the school community. It’s a place where you can find camaraderie and solidarity, knowing that you’re not alone in your journey as a parent.

Among other things, here is a list of topics you can expect to be covered at Back-to-School Night:

  • Daily Schedule
  • Textbooks and Reading Expectations
  • Scope and Sequence of Curriculum
  • Scripture Memory Expectations
  • Classroom Routines and Ceremonies (e.g., jobs, Star Student, Birthdays)
  • Classroom Climate (e.g., Class Constitution, Morning Meeting or Devotions, Class Meeting and Problem Box)
  • Homework Policies
  • Veracross Communication
  • Celebrations
  • Field Trips (8th Grade Washington, D.C. Trip)
  • Opportunities for Parent Involvement
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Dress Code
  • Ways To Help Your Child Have A Successful Year
  • Ways to Communicate

You should receive communication from your child’s Principal soon about our upcoming Back-to-School Night for our Lower, Middle and Upper School. As always, please reach out to us if you have any questions and know that we want every student and family to experience a seamless transition into the new year.