An Incredible Season

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Our boys suffered a heartbreaking loss in the championship game on Friday night. PCA fans stared on in disbelief as the opposing team scored the winning basket with 3 seconds left in the game. This certainly wasn’t how the players, coaches, or fans saw this wonderful and amazing season coming to a close. PCA did play well though, especially on the defensive end. They held their opponent (the highest scoring team in the division that averaged over 73 points per game) to 38, their lowest total by far on the season… allowing only 12 points in the second half! But unfortunately, PCA just couldn’t make enough shots to come out on top.

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I would like to thank the players for their hard work and sacrifice. It was an incredible season! They showed great perseverance and composure in high pressure situations throughout the playoffs. Their play was fun to watch, and they created an excitement in the PCA community! The players represented themselves, their families, and their school with honor, and have made us all very proud of them.

I would like to thank Coach Atkins and his coaching staff. They spent countless hours preparing game strategies and prepping the boys for every game-time situation. They led the team to a 19-3 record, tying the school record from 2005 for most wins in a single season!

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Last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank you the fans for your incredible support this season. Students, parents, faculty, staff, family, friends…the boys could feel and hear your presence! They fed off your energy. So many of you came up for the championship game and were part of that electric atmosphere. The notes, the posters, the signs… all were much appreciated by the team. I hope you enjoyed the journey as much as we did. Thank you!

-Derek Summers, PCA Athletic Director


Foster’s Article: “Just off the mark: Littleton sinks PCA with 6 seconds remaining in D-IV final” by Mike Whaley

Foster’s Article: “In finals loss, PCA came up achingly short. Superb season produced everything but a title” by Mike Whaley