Alumni Stories: Tricia Fontneau-Ramos ’13

Tricia Fontneau-Ramos is a 2013 graduate of Portsmouth Christian Academy, and has since worked her way to the west coast in her position as A&R Coordinator at Hollywood Records & Disney Music Publishing.

Since graduating from PCA almost every decision I’ve made has been based off of how I can impact those around me and how I can make an impact on a greater level. No matter what you do or who you’re around you can be a light. My biggest passion in life is music and once I got my start in the music business my approach was to be the person who others could come to and lean on no matter what it may be. I knew it wasn’t always about what words I would say, but my character and how dependable I could be for my team. Now that I’ve had more time in my role and career development, it has become clear what ways I can try and make “bigger” impacts outside of my immediate circle. Having built this mindset as part of my foundation at PCA has been a great help to me. 

My experience at PCA taught me a lot about getting involved in things outside of my regular day-to-day life. When I was a student at PCA, I was part of the Anti-Human Trafficking Club and this is still a cause to which I give back. I also owe a big part of my academic and spiritual growth to the different Bible/theology classes that I took. While I was at PCA, I took an independent study in Theology. That class, as well as the core Bible classes, prepared me for the classes I took when I attended Azusa Pacific University.  

The education I received at PCA ended up being about much more than books and studying to me. It helped form the lens through which I see the world. All you need to navigate this world is faith, hope and love. My time at PCA helped me understand what those things mean, prepared me for the days and years to come, and will continue to be the foundation on which I live my life. 

Originally posted: December 22, 2020