Alumni Stories: Megan Murphy ’18

Megan Murphy is a 2018 graduate of Portsmouth Christian Academy. After leaving PCA, Megan took her love of the arts to college with her, double-majoring in English and Musical Theatre. Megan now lives locally and holds the position of Associate Editor at Townsquare Media, a nationwide media outlet, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

“The fine and performing arts have been part of my life for almost as long as I can remember. No matter what endeavors I’ve pursued, I’ve always returned to these creative environments. With this in mind, I decided to combine my artistic passions with my writing, organization, and people skills, and pursue a career in arts management (specifically public relations, programming, and marketing). I hope to enrich people’s lives by helping introduce them to art, whether that’s theatre, dance, music, singing, or visual works. Such forms of expression have changed my life, and I aspire to share them with others. 

At PCA, I was able to explore artistic interests which are now the focus of my career.

At PCA, I was able to explore artistic interests which are now the focus of my career. Beginning at age five, I had the opportunity to take piano lessons. As I got older, I participated in multiple music ensembles including the Junior High and Upper School orchestras and Honors Voices, PCA’s chorus ensemble. My positive experiences in the theatre department ignited a love of performing that led me to pursue a minor in musical theatre. Besides the arts, my time at PCA also enhanced my writing and time management skills and introduced me to many lifelong friends. 

The welcoming educational environment at PCA allowed me to develop personal relationships with faculty and staff members who were truly invested in my success. I was also able to freely grow in my relationship with God and become grounded in who I am.”

Originally posted: December 30, 2020