Alumni Stories: Ben Leavitt ’12

Ben is a class of 2012 graduate. Since graduating from PCA he has completed his Masters in History at Baylor University and is currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program.

“I have always appreciated the example that PCA’s teachers provide both inside and outside of the classroom. I think that all of my teachers saw honoring God as their core responsibility, and I am still benefiting from products of their loving service. My favorite classes were with Dr. Gamble; they fed my ever-increasing interest in history, an interest that has since led me to graduate study in history.

Thinking back on my time at the Upper School, so many parts of me were developing at the same time: my creativity (through music courses), my faith (through chapel services and small group studies), and my curiosity (through a whole range of engaging courses, from math to English to the sciences). I learned a lot about time management, and specifically about balancing my “work” (academic) priorities with other important things: faith, family, and friends.

The Upper School offers so many exciting opportunities for you, and will likely impact your life for the better. I joined the Upper School’s choir on a lark, loved singing under the direction of Mr. Stevens, and ended up meeting my future wife in a college choir. Chapel services, small group Bible studies, and Bible classes gave me ample opportunities to build my faith under the direction of more mature Christians. I invested time and energy in the classes that interested me most, and I still (as a graduate student in history!) consult my notes from classes with Dr. Gamble.”

Originally Posted: December 12, 2018