Why Our Graduates Succeed

Every parent considering a private Christian education for their child wants to know, at some point, if the investment is worth the cost. We love helping families looking for Christian high schools in Dover and nearby communities get to know what our Upper School has to offer. And, it’s wonderful to share all the activities and extracurriculars that make PCA such a special place to be known and celebrated by your peers. But right now, let’s focus on that one, important question … “What does an education at Portsmouth Christian Academy add up to for students?”
Our favorite answer is to say … “Take a look at our graduates! They say it best by how they live, succeed, and keep on learning, far beyond graduation day. ” 
Before we take a closer look, we want you to know we’re here to answer your questions. Get in touch or let us welcome you to campus so you can get a feel for the school culture and our learning community at PCA. And, don’t forget to take a High School Information Packet with you today; it has so much more in it than we can share here.

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A Snapshot of a Portsmouth Christian Academy Graduate

As you are considering high school options, you will find some of the same phrases and ideas at most schools: 

“We have small class sizes … “

“We teach critical thinking … “

“We have integrated a biblical worldview into our curriculum …”

Those are all wonderful things, but what will they really mean for your child by the time they graduate from high school? 

If you were to distill and synthesize the many facets of the value of a PCA education, you would recognize some of the same qualities in almost every one of our graduates. These are four of the most compelling explanations for why our graduates have succeeded and made such a difference here at home and around the globe for more than 40 years.

Their Character and Values are Rooted in Christ

Stewardship. Integrity. Self-control. Generosity. Our students don’t learn how to behave in ways that will simply help them get by socially or make a surface-level contribution in their church. 

  • We help them cultivate a vibrant spirit of discipleship and prayer. 
  • They learn to love God’s word. 
  • They practice living out their faith in our hallways, with their peers, and at home.

We all know their spiritual formation will not be complete by graduation day; but our seniors leave PCA with a good foundation for faith and a lifetime of growing in godliness.

We Gave Them Wisdom, Not Just Knowledge

There is no denying it: our graduates are exceptionally intelligent. They score well — very well — on the tests that matter to college admissions teams. Facts, study skills, and academic excellence are all wonderful things students find here through our personalized, rigorous curriculum; however, the truth many schools do not want to accept is that “college prep” doesn’t really set the bar high enough. 

If all we gave them was knowledge and the ability to start ahead of the curve academically in college, what would they do the first time their values are tested? 

Or when they need to pick a major … that puts them on a career course … if they can’t discern God’s calling? 

True wisdom is synthesized, applied, lived-out knowledge. It is one of God’s gifts to his children. We do all we can to live and teach our students with wisdom, and pray that their own desire to grow in wisdom will flourish in their time here. And, it does! Will all of this help them in college and a career? Absolutely. But it’s God’s wisdom, not just “critical thinking skills” that will help them to navigate all of life’s trials and challenges with confidence.

They are Discerning, Engaging Communicators

What is the fruit of all this character formation and cultivation of young hearts and minds? 

  • Our graduates know how to think. 
  • They are truly creative because they are coming to know their Creator. 
  • They are gifted readers with above average comprehension and a reliable grasp of subtext and nuance. 
  • And, they understand how to write effectively. 
  • They speak persuasively. 
  • Technology and all the communication channels we use today are places they know how to engage.

If your son or daughter is among our graduates, they will have a honed set of abilities to powerfully communicate in their academic work, future career, and wherever God calls them.

Christ Gives Them the Boldness to Follow Him

You will be hard-pressed to find more passionate, godly, hard-working faculty members than our team at Portsmouth Christian Academy. We cannot say enough about all they do as teachers and mentors for teens like yours. 

But the reality is that, no matter how much we do, ultimately our graduates flourish and find their way because God calls them and helps them. He makes much of all our investments and each child’s gifts and talents. We simply help them to believe that is true. We help them grow in love and respect for everyone as a neighbor who is created in the image of God. We help send them out as capable, confident, agents for world-changing work, love, and service. 

Where Do They Go?

Another way to gauge the successful accomplishments of our graduates is to consider where they wind up enrolling after Portsmouth Christian Academy. Here is an abbreviated list of schools our recent alumni have attended:

Allegheny College
Bard College
Colgate University
College of the Holy Cross
Dickinson College
Franklin & Marshall College
Gettysburg College
Kenyon College
Lafayette College
Muhlenburg College
Occidental College
Rhodes College
Sarah Lawrence College
St. John’s University
St. Lawrence University
Trinity College
Union College
United States Air Force Academy
United States Naval Academy
University of Richmond
Vassar College
Wabash College
Washington and Lee University
Wellesley College
Wheaton College- Illinois
Ohio Wesleyan University

High School Success Equals College Scholarship Opportunities

In addition to everything we have already outlined, there is a very real financial impact that comes with a strong high school investment. Some of the top liberal arts colleges and universities in the country recognize and reward the exceptional college readiness our graduates have with generous scholarship packages.

In 2020 our graduating seniors were awarded more than $1,341,000 in merit only scholarships and grants for the next steps in their education. In 2019, our graduating seniors were awarded more than $1,950,000.

Keep Exploring the Value of a PCA Diploma

There is so much more to explore about what we offer students and families like yours. From our four different diploma options to our Guidance & College Counseling Office resources, our website has much more information for you. Take a resource with you now that will give you the best overall picture of what Portsmouth Christian Academy has to offer. Inside your High School Information Packet, you will discover:

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