College and Career Planning

at Portsmouth Christian Academy

Focus of PCA’s College Planning Office

PCA’s College Planning Office with students to provide a full range of services for course scheduling, academic advising, career and college exploration, standardized test preparation, the college application process, scholarship opportunities, college visits and the many other facets of high school academics.  Our goal is to guide students as strategically as possible through high school academics and the college admissions process.

Our College Planning Process

This process of guiding our students includes individual and group sessions to plan their high school classes, determine their annual schedules, accomplish their four-year track and prepare a plan for life after high school.  Group meetings inform students and parents of college planning guidelines, college financial resources and how to understand college testing and scores.  We also offer opportunities for students and parents to meet personally with college representatives on the PCA campus.  The College Planning Office guides and assists families through the college admissions process with a level of customized attention that assures the best chance of acceptance and success at the institution that is chosen.

In addition to leading our students through their process of seeking God’s will for their academic and professional careers, PCA guidance is dedicated to providing relevant, up-to-date, and comprehensive information.  Beginning with the class of 2014, college applications will be processed electronically through Naviance.  We began using Naviance this past year and we will continue to build on that foundation this year.  This software proved to be very efficient and effective, and it will allow us the ability to track the progress of applications from the moment we send them until the college has processed them.  This has not been possible with traditional, hard copy mailed applications.  We are using the most current technology and resources available through Naviance and organizations such as the College Board and the NH Higher Education Assistance Foundation (NHHEAF) to help students understand their options and take ownership of their future after high school.

Our College Planning Office as a Resource

We encourage students to take advantage of the resources available to them in the College Planning Office and in the library.  We are here to help each student navigate through his/her high school career and plan for their future, whether that would involve college, the military or the mission field.  We welcome the opportunity to serve all families in the PCA community.

Get Ready for College

Key Steps for Students and Parents in Grades 9-12

Download our College Planning Guide for a step-by-step guide in preparing your son or daughter for their post-grad destination.