Primary (Grades K-2)

at Portsmouth Christian Academy

The early years of schooling set the stage for every student’s academic journey. We understand that you want your child in an environment where they will experience joyful learning as they grow academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

The Primary grades at Portsmouth Christian Academy helps students build strong foundations for future learning in an environment where they feel known and loved. From kindergarten to second grade, differentiated instruction is vital to student success. We meet children where they are and provide them with the individualized attention they need and deserve.

“Children want to learn to the degree that they are unable to distinguish learning from fun.”

This quote from author Gina Shapira describes our commitment to play-based learning during these formative years. Students in K-2 come to school eager to develop new skills and relationships. We foster their academic growth through hands-on activities, games, and exploration, allowing them plenty of opportunities to collaborate with their peers and develop vital social skills. The result is a connected class community where students feel a strong sense of belonging and an authentic love for learning.

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What will my child be doing in the Primary Grades?
Building Community

Each day begins with a Morning Meeting, where students hear a Bible story, pray for one another, and develop an understanding of Christian character traits.

Growing in Self Esteem

Weekly events such as “Show and Tell” and “Student of the Week” help students learn to express themselves and build self-esteem.

Learning to Read

A phonics-based approach to reading fosters an amazing transformation as students progress from learning to read in kindergarten to reading to learn in second grade.

Developing Math Fundamentals

Students develop strong number sense through interactive math lessons and manipulatives, which take place in small groups, learning centers, or one-on-one time with the teacher.

Playing Outdoors

Young students need plenty of brain breaks to fuel their learning. Trips to the playground allow them to enjoy the outdoors and free play with friends.

Discovering God’s World

Science and social studies lessons help students discover all the amazing things God has created and learn how they can be good community members.

Becoming Strong Writers

Handwriting in kindergarten and first grade and cursive writing in second grade equip students to express their own ideas. Primary grade students are natural storytellers!

Exploring Their Talents

PCA’s Primary core curriculum is complemented by a variety of enrichment classes that encourage students to explore their God-given gifts in areas such as the arts, sports, and technology. Primary schoolers attend the following exploratory classes weekly:

  • World Language (Mandarin & Spanish)
  • Art
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Library

Kaleidoscope — An exciting after-school care program

Busy parents love that their young students can continue learning and playing in a safe, consistent environment after school through our Kaleidoscope and Aftercare programs. For an additional fee, students can stay on campus until 5:30 p.m., enjoying various activities such as outdoor play, games, homework help, and reading.

Safety is our number one priority.

We understand that sending your child to school for the first time can feel overwhelming. As a parent, you deserve peace of mind when you drop your child off on campus. At PCA, you can rest assured that we value your child’s safety and have invested in campus safety through training in emergency preparedness, an on-site security team, and surveillance technology. Whether your little one is learning in the classroom or playing on the playground, they will be in a secure and age-appropriate environment.

Meet One of PCA’s
PRIMARY Teachers

Mrs. Shannon Trueira

Degree: Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education
Teaching Experience: 6 years at PCA

My favorite thing about teaching is having the opportunity every day to impact a child’s life and help the students grow and build relationships with others.  I love watching my students grow socially, emotionally, and spiritually throughout the year.  I enjoy getting to know each student and learning about their unique interests.  It’s fun to watch the class bond over the school year and become a class “family”, who help and care for one another.

We hope to meet you and your child soon!

The transformation your child is about to embark on is truly remarkable. Throughout the kindergarten to second grade years, students become readers, writers, and thinkers. They develop executive functioning skills that help them with self-regulation, organization, and independence.

As you intentionally search for the right learning environment for your child, we hope you’ll join us for a tour of PCA! During your visit, we can share more about our Primary grades in the Lower School, as well as opportunities ahead in the Middle and Upper School.

We look forward to sharing more about how our Primary teachers build on a child’s natural way of learning through experience and play, encouraging students to become engaged learners for life.

Experience the PCA Difference

We know how important it is at this early stage to have alignment between home and school to ensure children are learning consistent lessons. We encourage you to schedule an on-campus tour to see firsthand why so many Dover-area families choose Portsmouth Christian Academy.

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