Developing Dynamic Learners

The goal of the elementary program is to create competent learners who have the tools for higher-level thought.  Consequently, during the elementary years, students work to master core knowledge such as math facts, grammar rules, and history timelines because these mastered competencies can then be “chunked” to facilitate the working memory requirements of innovative thought.

Challenge and Success Through Differentiation

Using data from standardized performance tests, curriculum-based assessments and teacher input, programs are differentiated to offer students the right amount of challenge and success.  Mastery of math is done through clustering students into skill areas that are paced according to student need.  The English Language Arts curriculum encourages high levels of decoding, comprehension, word analysis and writing.

Cultivating Character Growth

Moving to a higher level of spiritual development, the elementary student studies the Bible as a tool for spiritual growth. Students study biblical characters, discuss Christ-like characteristics and develop the disciplines of personal Bible study as they develop an understanding of good hermeneutical principles.

“I love creating things and learning how they work. That’s why science is one of my favorite subjects! We’ve been making a water purifying machine in 5th grade that has been really cool! I also like being with my friends at PCA. Whether we’re at recess talking on the swings or working on projects, it’s fun to be around people I love. Everyone at PCA is so caring and is here to listen and help.”

NiviGrade 5