5 Returns on an Investment in a Christian Education

“Is it REALLY worth it?!”

At the end of the day, that’s the question, isn’t it? After reading mission statements and approaches to academics, touring 4 different campuses, asking hundreds of questions about student life, graduation rates, and school culture, and after looking at last year’s taxes one more time to see if you’ve got the finances to make private education a reality for your son or daughter, you find yourself asking the most important question of all: “Is it really worth it?”

Choosing where your son or daughter goes to school is a significant decision in any family’s life. Deciding where more than one son or daughter will attend school, and whether you’ll be able to keep them together, is an even bigger decision. The reasons families look for private education vary greatly. Some look for greater academic rigor. Some are looking to get out of an unhealthy school culture. Some are looking for specific principles and values. No matter what the reasons are for your private school search, deciding on whether or not to make the significant financial commitment to your child’s formative education can be daunting.

We understand the many factors that play into a family’s decision on where to send their children for school. That’s why we’ve simplified the questions and the answers. In the article below, you’ll see the 5 returns you can expect from a Christian school investment.

1. Forming Christian Values

At the core of any dutiful Christian school’s mission is a devotion to teaching the values and principles of Biblical Christianity. We see these principles summarized in The Ten Commandments and Christ’s Sermon on the Mount. Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not bear false witness. Honor your father and mother. These are the principles we teach in Christian environments.

By enrolling your child in a Christian school, you express your desire for your son or daughter to be formed in light of these Christian values. At the same time, you express a desire to join a community of like-minded worldviews.

2. Relationships Beyond the Classroom

When your son or daughter’s school believes each faculty and staff member, student, parent, and alumn is created in the image of God, the feel of the campus takes on a much deeper sense of community, personal bond, and commitment to one another’s person well-being and success. You’ll find an environment where faculty get involved in the lives of each student. You’ll learn that Fairytale Day isn’t just for the kids, and that a Kindergarten teacher’s imagination encourages students to have a little fun in their own imaginations.

As your son or daughter matures, learning to responsibly handle new forms of independence, they’ll learn to lean on God-fearing faculty and staff members when they need them, especially for the school’s 3v3 basketball tournament.

3. Opportunity in a Small Community

Valuing each student as a creation of God means valuing the gifts and talents they bring to the classroom. A school worth investing in provides opportunities for each student to develop those gifts and show them off to their community, building self-confidence in the student, and unity among the student-body as a whole. In order to identify and develop these gifts, you need to place your son or daughter in an environment where they’re encouraged to use them.

Maybe, by introducing your son to the violin in 3rd grade, he’ll realize he has a knack for staying on beat, which could lead to a life-long pursuit of musical creation, while continuing to play basketball through college. Or, maybe by signing up for an after-school coding class for your preschooler, she’ll find out she loves to solve problems. In 12 years, she’s applying to RPI’s engineering program, but also loves to write for her own blog!

4. Parents are Part of Their Child’s Education

Parenting is the hardest job on earth. The role becomes increasingly difficult when your values and vision for your son or daughter don’t align with your school’s. In our culture, it’s easy for parents to be usurped in their position of
influence and impact on their children’s lives. With so many hours lost in a day to school, sports, homework, etc., you can quickly find yourself completely unaware of what’s going on in your child’s life.

That’s why it’s so important to find a school that not only values but welcomes the input of the parents. As educators, our job is to partner alongside you to help your student maximize his or her God-given potential. We want an open and communicative dialogue that best allows the student to succeed in the classroom and at home. Even more, your family will thrive in the right school environment. Being given opportunities to come on campus give your family the ability to bond with your son or daughter’s teachers, staff-members, and other like-minded families.

5. Intentional Focus on Your Child’s Calling

Graduation rates don’t tell the success of a school. Quite frankly, college acceptance rates don’t either. Every student is equipped with skills and talents that lead them on different paths after graduation. A private school worth the investment will help your son or daughter identify those skills and talents, then lay out a path for them to go out into the world, or into college, and make an impact.

Not every student belongs in college. Some join the military. Some enter the missions field. Some are going to enter the trades or take night courses for certain certifications. Sending your child to a private school doesn’t mean you’re investing solely in their college candidacy. You’re investing in your his or her all-around development as a critical thinker, as a future citizen, and eventually as a mother or father, themselves.

That being said, each student is given the tools to be successful in whatever industry they choose. Some enter college with a semester’s worth of credits, thanks to a schedule with intensive AP and Dual Enrollment
courses. Some are prepared to write succinctly and creatively through Honors Literature and writing courses. Some take advantage of Career Training Centers that prepare them for the workforce upon graduation.

No matter your son or daughter’s chosen path, the right Christian school will prepare them for their next step towards filling into their role in accomplishing the Dominion Mandate.

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