5 Amusing Things I Learned About My Children (and Myself) During Remote Learning

By Elaina Russo

Remote education has taught us a few things in recent months…the need for technology accessibility for all students, the importance of taking screen breaks…why you shouldn’t let your child drink apple juice at the keyboard.

Here are 5 less-obvious things I learned about my children during our latest stint as remote students:

  • Getting dressed for school is “optional.” While my children are happy to get dressed when physically going to school, the lure of pajamas (or pajamas masquerading as “leisure wear”) for remote school is strong. If we can get the top-half dressed, we’ve “met in the middle” and consider it success!
  • The “chat” feature in Teams elicits the same reaction in my children as squirrels do for dogs. One notification, and off they go…it’s like corralling cats!
  • Apparently, mom has the same effect. If I am in the room, my children start talking to me…even when they’re supposed to be in “class” and even if I’m already engaged/working. (I’ve taken to hiding under the top bunk bed (all the way in the corner) when I really need to get work done.)
  • Remote school makes my children hungrier (and pickier). For some reason, the same three snacks AND lunch that are provided to my kids when they go to school on campus are somehow not enough (or not the “right” option) when they’re home. Nor is the snack schedule right…grazing is the order of the day. If all else fails in my pursuit of career prospects, I can always expand on my at-home role of executive chef and expediter.
  • Time is fluid during remote school. A class that ends a meeting at 10:45 and is meant to meet back up again at 11 means that those 15 minutes somehow morph into 25 minutes even when my child is surrounded by three clocks at the same time. If executive chef doesn’t work out, there’s always timekeeper.

There’s more…so much more, but I’d rather hear from you. Share your own funny revelations of at-home learning, and we’ll publish a stories-from-the-field compilation down the road. E-mail me at erusso@pcaschool.org.

In the meantime, know that this mom shares with you in the inevitable head-shaking from time to time! The good news is that if you’re not laughing already, the adage about looking back someday and laughing will likely come to pass.

Elaina Russo is a parent of students at Portsmouth Christian Academy (PCA) and serves as PCA’s Variable Tuition Director.

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