3 Reasons I’m Looking Forward to the Upcoming School Year

Written by Mike Runey, Head of School

Dear Parents,

As we embark on a new school year, I want to share insights into three big reasons I am looking forward to this coming school year. They are our people, our programs, and our places. Our shared experience at Portsmouth Christian Academy (PCA) continues to be a source of joy, growth, and community, and I am excited to highlight the strides we have taken to strengthen all three areas for the coming year.

People: A Team Committed to Excellence

Our academic team has been thoughtfully assembled, bringing together a group of dedicated and talented Christian educators who are not only passionate about their fields but are also devoted to their calling in the Christian faith. I am delighted to welcome our new teachers who have joined us to meet our growing enrollment and additional homerooms. Our faculty’s commitment to partnering with you this year and nurturing your children’s potential is inspiring.

Our school community has 136 new students joining our 529 re-enrolling students. This 4% growth signifies a collective desire for an exceptional educational experience rooted in faith and community. With over 70 classroom educators now answering God’s call to guide and inspire our 665 full-time students, we are more prepared than ever to cultivate a thriving learning environment in every area of our program.

Programs: Nurturing Curiosity and Character

We are dedicated to fostering curiosity and character in our students that inspire them to seek and move into God’s calling. We have added homerooms in the Lower and Middle School. Our Mosaic team has been strengthened with additional teachers, while enrichment options have been introduced for 7th and 8th graders in the Middle School, including Creative Writing, Debate, and Logic & Strategy, among many others. Athletic teams have seen great interest and turnout. Fine Arts is bringing back the Fall Play and will continue the Spring Musical.

Recognizing the importance of technology, we are implementing a 1-1 tech offering at the Upper School during the 1st Quarter. Simultaneously, we are promoting a focused academic and communal environment by restricting personal mobile phone use during the school day.

PCA is known for its outstanding academic excellence, on par with the very best school systems in our tri-state region. We remain focused on student growth academically. Our commitment to Christian character development remains unwavering across the grades, with opening ceremonies, devotionals, Bible classes, chapel, Bible studies, service opportunities, and leadership experiences continuing to shape our students’ lives.

Places: An Upgraded Learning Environment

Your children’s safety and learning environment are our priorities. We have invested significantly in enhancing our facilities, grounds, and equipment.  We have added: two new bathrooms, improved nurse station, and enhanced security measures. Our Middle School recess area received significant upgrades including basketball hoops, a gaga pit, tetherball, four-square and outdoor covered seating. These all underscore our commitment to the well-being of our community.

Additionally, the sign at the top of the hill as you turn into the school has been updated and the Lower/Middle/Gym parking lots have been repaved, offering a refreshed welcome to our campus. The ongoing replacement of HVAC systems ensures comfort and well-being throughout the school. Notably, the Main Gym and PCAP have received substantial upgrades.

As we start this new chapter in your children’s growth, I want to extend my gratitude to God and you for your trust in us to shape your children’s lives. Together, we are creating an environment that nurtures minds, hearts, and souls, preparing our students to impact the world with Christ-centered values.

Together with you in His service,

Mike Runey

Head of School, Portsmouth Christian Academy