2019 Readathon Winners Announced in a Special Ceremony

On Thursday, March 21, a ceremony was held in the Gym for the 2019 Readathon!

The total minutes read for K-12th grade was 358,650. The student winners were announced by Lower School principal, Dr. Carrie Abood, by class and grade level and then overall winners for Grade K – 2, Grade 3 – 5, and Grade 6 – 8. The adult winners were announced by the Lower School librarian, Mrs. Ken Sturgis. Mrs. Sturgis also presented a video of student and family pets as part of the theme this year. Both Dr. Abood and Mrs. Sturgis congratulated all of the participants and encouraged them to try even harder next year.

We are happy to announce the winners in all categories:

School Winner 

(Grades K – 8): Ivan Sturgis

Grade Winners

Grade K: Mae Pixley

Grade 1: Phoebe Parent

Grade 2: Isabella Messinese

Grade 3: Sitara Soman

Grade 4: Adhithi Poraiyan

Grade 5: Jack O’Halloran

Grade 6: Avery Wamberg

Grade 7: Ivan Sturgis

Grade 8: Carter Hoyt

Class Winners

KA: Mae Pixley

KB: Belle Dotts

1A: Gideon Miskimen

1B: Phoebe Parent

2A: Isabella Messinese

2B: Alex Pak

3A: Sitara Soman

3B: Logan Derry

4A: Elizabeth Page

4B: Adhithi Poraiyan

5A: Jack O’Halloran

5B: Kennedy Rengkung

6A: Louisa Henker

6B: Avery Wamberg

7A: Dillon Fiske

7B: Ivan Sturgis

8A: Carter Hoyt

8B: Maddie West

100% Class Participation (popsicles party)
KA, KB, 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 7A, 7B, 8A, and 8B.