2016 Speech Meet Class Winners

PCA is pleased to announce this year’s Speech Meet Class Winners. Each year students in the Lower School select a poem and prepare to recite it within their classrooms. The winners of each class then recite their poem in front of the entire Lower School.

1A Maddie Painter
1B Anna Tolley
2A Ava Buchanan, Connor Hurrie
2B Cailin Hurrie and Bhumika Prem
3A Reece Higgins
3B Eva Moccia
4A Ivan Sturgis
4B Yohan Koshy
5A Shashvath Srivatsan
5B Siddhu Srivatsan
6A Max Lupinacci
6B Joey Skubisz
7A Logan Dinges and Chloe Springfield
7B Elise Gillis
8A Griffin Hotz
8B Bridget Toffic