The “Miracles” Begin

Once again, PCA’s fall theatre production has begun! “The Miracle Worker” tells the story of the blind and deaf Helen Keller, and how her teacher Annie Sullivan opens the world up to her. Auditions for this play took place on August 28th, with callbacks occurring the following week. The show is now cast and rehearsals are underway.

The cast and crew of “The Miracle Worker” engage in a pre-rehearsal acting game.

Jessica Mayes, stage manager for the show, is excited about the production. “I am really looking forward to the final product,” said Mayes. “There is something so exhilarating about seeing the curtain open and hearing the audience applaud or laugh at a joke I’ve heard hundreds of times. I am there for everything – from the first audition to closing night – and it is wonderful to see it all come together and know that all of our hard work paid off.”

Performances of “The Miracle Worker” will be on November 6th, 7th, and 8th. Save those dates and come to witness the impossible and inspiring story of the young Helen Keller’s journey.

Written by Kylie Sanborn (’16)

“Miracle Worker” Cast List

Annie Sullivan- Kylie Sanborn    Understudy- Brenna Lilly
Kate Keller- Brenna Lilly               Understudy- Charlotte Kohl
Helen Keller- Bryn Baldasaro     Understudy- Bridget Toffic
Aunt Ev- Charlotte Kohl          Understudy- Samantha Ricker
Captain Keller- Christian Mayoral       Understudy- Justin Lahue
James Keller- Joseph Stevens     Understudy- Brad Tousignant
Anagnos- Samantha Ricker         Understudy- Justin Lahue
Viney- Molly McKenney            Understudy- Hannah Gagnon
Martha –Megan Murphy             Understudy- Kaleigh McKenney
Percy- Brad Tousignant           Understudy- Bridget Toffic
The Doctor- Justin Lahue                Understudy- Brad Tousignant
Blind girls- Bridget Toffic, Kaleigh McKenney, Isabella Minai, Paige Tremblay, Isabel Flemming, Hannah Gagnon, Emilie Methot
Voice over work- Cameron Knightly and others