Current Service Hour Opportunities

Upper School

  • See Colleen Geller in the Guidance Office.

Athletic Department

  • See Colleen Geller in the Guidance Office.

For a copy of the Service Hour Form click here.

PCA’s Community/School Service Program is designed to give students the opportunity to develop a heart for serving God through service to others. We hope to help our students establish patterns of service, which they can carry with them through life.


  • Students must perform the required 50 hours each year. Students with fewer than 50 hours are encouraged to find a project over the summer.
    • Examples of service are shoveling and raking for a neighbor, working on class service projects or with the auction, helping in the office or for an individual teacher, assisting with athletic duties or working in Sunday school, VBS, Awana, retirement homes, homeless shelters, etc.
  • Students completing over 50 hours in a school year will not be able to carry those over into the next school year.
  • A minimum of 25 hours per year must be earned off campus and outside of the PCA community.
  • Students must record their service hours on PCA service hour forms which are available from the Guidance office or online on the “Student Life” Page.
  • Completed forms are turned into Guidance and cumulative hours are recorded on the student’s page in Veracross.
  • Participation on a PCA-sponsored mission trip will give students 50 service hours.
  • Non-PCA sponsored mission trips must have prior school approval; the number of service hours awarded will be determined at that time. Missing school for any reason is strongly discouraged.  Please see attendance policies in the Student and Parent Handbook.
  • PCA will provide opportunities for students to receive service hours throughout the school year.
  • Seniors should complete their service hour requirements by the end of 3rd Seniors who have not completed their hours by such time will receive a letter from Guidance, noting how many hours are left to meet graduation requirements. Seniors who have not satisfied the service hour requirement will have their diplomas and transcripts withheld until the requirement is satisfied.