Students at PCA are athletes, artists, problem-solvers, and creators. They are high achieving, supportive, and compassionate. PCA Eagles soar, whether it is in the classroom or on the athletic field. Read stories from students to see how PCA has impacted their lives.


“I used to be homeschooled before I came to PCA. My teacher here was helpful and taught me all about PCA when I first came.”


“PCA is teaching me how to manage a full work load, and how to complete it all to the best of my ability.”

Read Gillian’s Story. 


“PCA is preparing me for college.”

Read Krishram’s Story. 


“I like that I get to learn about Jesus. I have a whole book of Bible stories that I get to read every night. I love to read!”


“I found my faith at PCA and truly learned the value of it.”

Read Becca’s story.


“It’s fun to be around people I love. Everyone at PCA is so caring and is here to listen and help.”


“I feel like coming to PCA is one of the best choices I have made in my life.”

Read AJ’s Story. 


“My friends hold me accountable and on the right path.”

Read Abigail’s Story. 


“This school has put a smile on face for the last eight years.”

Read Sam’s Story.


“The teacher’s kindness and patience and the school’s activities give us enough space to explore ourselves.”

Read Jim’s Story. 


“When I was little, I looked up to my shepherd so much! Now, I get to be a shepherd to the Preschoolers!”


“I have made a connection with Christ at PCA.”

Read Connor’s Story.

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