Families come to PCA from many different backgrounds and for many different reasons. Read first-hand accounts from our families below.

Meet the Heath Family

“We have always known we wanted our children in a Christian school. Knowing my child is praying with peers and has teachers praying over them and knowing they have Christian influences and friends outside of church and home was so important to us. Then, we moved across the country. We knew no one and knew nothing about the schools or the area. We visited a few Christian and private schools and quickly decided PCA was our first choice. PCA felt like a place where we could connect with like-minded people and find a sense of home again.

“Although we were THRILLED about our daughter being able to attend PCA, we still felt a little nervous and unsure. All of our fears and insecurities fell away after our New Family Meeting on the first day of school. It was there we finally knew for sure we were exactly where God wanted us to be. It was obvious to us that each of the administrators were called, by God, to their role. They all carried a kind, capable, and confident spirit. We left that day feeling at peace and excited about this coming school year and the many years to come. Being able to drive away after dropping off my daughter, and feeling completely peaceful and confident she will thrive is something I hadn’t experienced until PCA. It’s all I could ever want or ask for. It’s priceless.”

Meet the Eastman Family

“Ever since I was a teenager, I felt called to teach in a Christian school. I was worried that the dream or calling would never come true because I wasn’t sure how to activate that calling. Though it took some time, God eventually paved the way and led me here to PCA. Even though I was working at PCA, I will admit that sending our children to a private Christian school was never the plan. Our plan was to always send our kiddos to the public schools because that is where we grew up. Upon learning more about PCA’s preschool program and praying about it, we knew that PCAP (Portsmouth Christian Academy Preschool) would the the right place for our son (and next year for our daughter!) To have teachers who reinforce all of the things our son learns at home is much more important to us than we may have realized when we first started thinking about school. We aren’t sure what the future holds for our children, but God does and we are so blessed that PCA is part of that plan!”

Meet the Otto Family

“I grew up going to a private Christian school and I loved it. We wanted our daughter to have a similar experience. As we searched for schools, PCA seemed like the best option for our child and our family. We found PCA was more affordable than we had previously thought it would be, thanks to Variable Tuition. Our daughter has loved the start of her year at PCA, and is transitioning pretty quickly from preschool. We’re excited to watch her grow in her everyday knowledge and faith in God! We would definitely recommend PCA to other families!”

Meet the Ngamcharoenthana Family

“We started looking at PCA because we had a 9th grader. We had been homeschooling since he was 4 but knew we wanted him to have more experiences outside the home before college. We also did not want to homeschool through high school because we felt it was too important and we knew we needed outside help with college preparations. Our fellow church friend and children’s piano teacher had all three of her children at PCA and always spoke highly of their experience there. After attending a PCA open house, we decided that if we would send our high-schooler, we would send our younger children as well.

“We decided to send our kids to PCA because we are confident that the school will continue to teach our children in the way we have raised them spiritually and academically. Our children are loving their teachers and are very excited to get to know other kids and participate in school activities. After dropping the kids off in the morning (even after the 40+ minute commute) I am overwhelmed at God’s goodness that we get to send our kids to PCA.”

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