“I think that all of my teachers saw honoring God as their core responsibility, and I am still benefiting from their loving service.”

Read Ben’s Story.


“As I look back, I will always cherish my time at PCA.”

Read Alicia’s Story. 


“The PCA staff have always been fiercely supportive of my journey to become the person God created me to be.”

Read Julie’s Story. 


“The welcoming educational environment at PCA allowed me to develop personal relationships with faculty and staff members who were truly invested in my success.”

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“The education I received at PCA ended up being about much more than books and studying to me. It helped form the lens through which I see the world.”

Read Tricia’s Story. 


“PCA challenged me academically, socially, and spiritually. I left PCA genuinely feeling prepared for the life ahead of me.”

Read Caroline’s Story. 

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