Riley Marelli Goes to Nationals

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This Spring, PCA seventh grader and cheerleader, Riley Marelli and her cheerleading squad from Massachusetts left for Florida to compete in the National High School Cheerleading Competition after coming in 2nd place in Boston for State Finalists.  They stayed at the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida for seven days until the competition.  On the day of the competition, all of the girls were nerve-wracked, anxious, but also very EXCITED!  They knew that they had to work to their full potential, and above all, honor God with their performance.  With a lot of praying and their very best effort, the team came in 9th  place out of 576 squads!  The thrilled team returned full of excitement and joy.

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Cheer and her life at PCA intertwine for Riley.

“Cheerleading has helped me at PCA because it has made me more of a leader in the school.  I also feel more spirited about my school.  PCA has also helped me so much in cheerleading.  Because I am a Christian I have learned to trust.  Even when I’m flying twenty feet in the air, I can trust God and my bases (cheerleading term:  foundations of a human pyramid) that I will not fall.  Another way is that it has helped me share about God with my team.”

After winning, the team celebrated all night long at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios.  Riley, with her faith and perseverance, was able to come out in the top ten in the entire nation for cheer, and she says that she will never forget the feeling she got when she and her team found out what a great feat they had accomplished.

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Written by A. C. Keeney, PCA Student, 7th Grade