PCAP is a WILD and Wonderful Place to Learn

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PCAP Kapok Tree 1

PCA’s Preschool (PCAP) is a wonderful place for children to learn and grow, but for a few weeks every year it’s downright wild! The children learn about the rainforest and all of the amazing creatures that call it home. At the end of the unit, all of the parents are invited as Miss Kelly reads The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry and all of the students act out the different characters. It’s hard to know who has the most fun, the parents, the students, or the teachers!

The Kapok Tree is a story about a man who goes into the rainforest to chop down a kapok tree. He eventually gets tired as he works to cut down the big tree and takes a nap. While he sleeps the animals that depend on the kapok tree visit him.

PCAP Kapok Tree 2

There’s a boa constrictor..


a buzzing bee…

PCAP Kapok Tree 4

a troupe of monkeys…

PCAP Kapok Tree 5
PCAP Kapok tree 5a

a flock of toucans…

PCAP Kapok Tree 6
PCAP Kapok Tree 7

some tree frogs…

PCAP Kapok Tree 8

a jaguar…

PCAP Kapok Tree 9

a family of porcupines…

PCAP Kapok Tree 10

several anteaters…

PCAP Kapok Tree 11
PCAP Kapok Tree 11a

a sloth…

PCAP Kapok Tree 12
PCAP Kapok Tree 13

and a child from the Yanomamo tribe.

PCAP Kapok Tree 14a
PCAP Kapok Tree 14b

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