PCA Upper School 2015 Science Fair Winners

Science Fair 2015_Anders (157)_winners text

Grand Prize: Charlotte Kohl  “Probiotic Pills”

Freshman Physical Science Projects

1st place: Samy Tschileu  “Biosand Filters”

2nd place: Abby Barker  “Nailed It”

Freshman Life Science Projects

1st place: Madison Thyng   “Decomposition of Biodegradable Plastic Spoons”

2nd place: Megan Murphy  “Listening to Music While Doing Homework”

Sophomore Physical Science Projects

1st Place: Rebecca Hotz   “Variations in Vitamin Composition and Dissolution”

2nd Place: Tim Johnson   “That’s the Way the Ball Bounces”

Sophomore Life Science Projects

1st Place: Hannah Daly   “Guppy Genetics”

2nd Place: Katya Engalichev   “Sight and Sensation”

Junior and Senior Physical Science Projects

1st place: Devin Lund   “Depth of Field”

2nd Place: Grace MacLeod   “Is Your Hair Strong?”

Junior and Senior Life Science Projects

1st place: Jess Mayes   “Zap that Zit”

2nd Place: Andrew Shefferman   “The Effect of Tank Size on Fish Growth”[WRG id=7717]