PCA Upper School 2014 Science Fair Winners

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The Upper School science students have recently finished a semester long science research project, and their finished projects were displayed at the annual Science Fair. A group of 12 judges, all of whom are professional scientists, spent most of Tuesday judging the projects and choosing winners.

The science fair projects facilitate the development of creative problem solving skills and helps the students learn to manage their time on a long term project. They also get experience presenting their work in a formal setting. This is their opportunity to experience the process of science, a very different experience than learning facts from books.

Grand Prize: Jackie Keleher

“Does the Presence of Hemigrapsus sanguieus Impact the Thickness of the Shells of Littorina littorea?”

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Freshman Physical Science Projects

1st place: Riley Sipp “Child Proofing”

2nd place: AJ O’Neil “Be Careful What You Drink”

Freshman Life Science Projects

1st place: Liam Belcher “What Wavelengths of Laser Light Kill Bacteria?”

2nd place: Katya Engalichev “Personality Type”

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Sophomore Physical Science Projects

1st Place: Josh Rocconi “Prime Punting”

2nd Place: Chris Hollis “Fruit Battery”

Sophomore Life Science Projects

1st Place: Charlotte Kohl “Pre and Probiotics”

2nd Place: Kylie Sanborn “Mold Growth in Common Beverages”

Junior and Senior Physical Science Projects

1st place: Minchen Zhang “Dye Sensitized Solar Cells”

2nd Place: Devin Lund “2D and 3D Images”

Junior and Senior Life Science Projects

1st place: Becka Lee “Cell Phone Use and Driving”

2nd Place: Brenna Lilly “Pitch Statistics”