PCA Takes First Place at State Math Contest


Portsmouth Christian Academy placed first in Class S at the 41st annual State Math Contest sponsored by the New Hampshire Teachers of Mathematics. This event is held at Plymouth State College and is open to math students from schools throughout the state.

Portsmouth Christian’s team of ten high school students, coached by math and science teacher John Bonneville, tackled a series of both individual and team questions in categories ranging from Recreational Math to Advanced Math.  Senior Boyce Xu was recognized at the meet for outstanding performance. Six of the ten students on PCA’s Math Team will be getting certificates for a perfect score in at least one category.

PCA’s full Math Team of 20 students also competes in the Southeastern Math League, where they earned first place for the season by the fifth of six meets.  “They worked to potential during the sixth and final meet as well. This was our strongest regular season yet,” says Bonneville, who has coached the team for two years.

“They brought their teamwork and work ethic to the State Meet, where every one of the team members scored in double digits,” says coach Bonneville. “They finished the race.”

The team meets weekly to work through various kinds of math problems. “It’s always a team effort,” says Bonneville, who notes that communication was key to the students’ ability to earn perfect scores on the team questions at each of the regular season meets.