PCA Softball in the News

Sisters and teammates, sophomore Ashley and senior Alicia Vining.

An article featuring PCA Softball Coach Mike Vining and his daughters, Ashley and Alicia, was recently published in the Union Leader. Check out this exerpt:

While Ashley and Alicia have each had a hand in Portsmouth Christian’s success over their careers, both were quick to credit the play of their teammates. 

“Ashley and I do play a role on the team and dad is an amazing coach but each one of us on the field got us to where we were last year,” said Alicia Vining, who will attend American University in Washington, D.C., in the fall. “Going into this year too, it’s not just Ashley and me … it’s just how our team works. Every person is a contributor to each win.”

Mike is not looking ahead of the next opponent on the Eagles’ schedule but said it’s pretty simple what they need to do to not only reach the final game of the year, but take home the title. 

“If we pitch well and play good defense, our hitting will be there,” said Mike Vining. “We can hit 1-through-9 (in the lineup), we’re going to put runs on the board, but pitching and defense is what is going to get us back to Plymouth (State University), back to where we want to be.”

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