Learning Is For Everyone! As part of our partnership with parents, Portsmouth Christian Academy presents The LIFE Series. Dr. Connie Lawrence, PCA Academic Dean, hosts several parent sessions each year emphasizing important topics in education and child development. LIFE talks are open to all parents, both those families who have students that attend PCA and those who do not.

You are invited to register and attend one or all of the LIFE Series sessions. The sessions meet at PCA in the Lower School at 1:30pm and they finish in time to get your child at dismissal. We hope that you will join us.

2019-2020 LIFE Series Dates will be announced soon.

Previous LIFE Series Topics

What Does It Take to Learn?

While some students are self-regulated, eager to accept challenge, and fully engaged in the learning process, others feel that school is something that must be “endured.” The difference is not just within the classroom or the teacher, while those are certainly contributing factors. There are also differences in the level of student intrinsic motivation and engagement. In the LIFE Series sessions, we will examine how to build intrinsic motivation and self-regulation that can support learning for a lifetime.

What Does It Take To Be A High Achiever? | Recorded Session
Identify characteristics of successful learners and debunk the myths of innate talent, lucky breaks, or charisma as roads to high achievement.

What Does It Take To Continue to Love Learning? | Recorded Session
Create a framework for motivation that will last a lifetime and avoid the pitfalls that demotivate.


What Does It Take To Prepare for More Learning? | Recorded Session
Create satisfying learning opportunities for the summer that will consolidate and build knowledge from year to year.