It’s not uncommon for students in a new school to take time to adjust to their surroundings, the change in workload, or just the culture of a new place.  Even students who have attended Portsmouth Christian Academy for years will find that as they progress through the primary years to the elementary and then junior high years, change is a natural process that may challenge us all.

Kaleidoscope Enrichment Programs offers a variety of solutions to help your child manage the expectations of a preparatory school.  Whether they need 1-on-1 tutoring in a subject, or some help developing organizational and time-management skills, our staff is willing and able to lend the help that they need.  Private tutoring is available at a rate of $35.00 per hour.

If your child exhibits more critical needs, we also offer occupational therapy and speech therapy to help them thrive here in our community.  We partner with Dynamic Learning Solutions, a local not for profit organization that employs highly qualified individuals who are trained to meet the diverse needs of our student body from pre-school through high school.