Lower School Academic Contest Winners

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Each year the Lower School student body participates in three academic contests, the Spelling Bee, the Geography Bee, and Speech Meet. We are pleased to announce the results.

Spelling Bee

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The 2015 PCA Classroom Spelling Bee Winners are:

3A Mihi Govindarajula

3B Yohan Koshy

4A Shashu Srivatsan

4B Siddhu Srivatsan

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5A Amanda Medina

5B Grant Currie

6A Bethany Koshy

6B Will Maher

7A Zach Tower

7B Hannah Abraham

8A Sarah Poole

8B Bryn Baldasaro

8C Amanda Esters

The winner was Zach Tower with Amanda Medina coming in second place and Hannah Abraham in third place. Zach and Amanda went back and forth for several rounds before Zach prevailed in the sixteenth round.  The winning word was nativistic.

Geography Bee

The Class “Geo Bee” Winners

Connell, Zach Tower, Siddhu Srivatsan, David Brackett, Jason Stockbower, Esther Muingila, Maggie Joyce, Kathryn Komerska, Cort Baussmann, Hannah Pellerin, and Josie Hewitt.

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Geography Bee Jason Stockbower (Grade 5) won the PCA Geography Bee and is now one of the semifinalists eligible to compete in the 2015 New Hampshire National Geographic State Bee. This is the second level of the National Geographic Bee competition. School Bees were held in schools with fourth – eighth grade students throughout the state to determine each school champion. School champions then took a qualifying test, which they submitted to the National Geographic Society. The National Geographic Society has invited up to 100 of the top-scoring students to compete in the state Bees.

How would you fare as a Bee contestant? At the school Bees this year, Students had to answer such questions as:

  • Six-time Super Bowl champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers, play football near the source of the Ohio River in which state–Alabama or Pennsylvania? Pennsylvania
  • Balboa Park, with more than ten museums, performing arts centers, and gardens, is located in which southern California city?  San Diego
  • Taylor Swift performed songs from her album Red last summer in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of which Asian country that borders the South China Sea? Malaysia
  • Disney’s blockbuster mocie Frozen is set in the fictional land of Arendelle, which was largely inspired by the country of Norway. Norway is located on which European peninsula? Scandinavian Peninsula

Speech Meet

All student in grades 1 – 8 prepare and deliver a speech within their class. These students are the class winners for this year’s PCA Speech Meet.

Speech Meet Class Winners
Left to right: Connor Hurrie (1A), Cailin Hurrie (1B), Gabby Maher (2A), Emerson Diehl (2B), Ally Moore (3A), Ivan Sturgis (3B), Trevor Latorella (4A), Siddharth Srivatson (4B), Anna Mathews (5A), Jameson Tiemann (5B), Liza Corso (6A), Emily Russell (6B), Bridget Toffic (7A), Declan Baker (7B), Maggie Joyce (8A), Brad Tousignant (8B), Ben Healey (8C), Amanda Esters (8C).