KcNN, Local ‘Kid Friendly’ Website, Has Expanded


Originally Printed in Foster’s Daily Democrat Fosters.com on Thursday, December 12, 2013

A local ‘kid friendly’ website,www.KidsComputerNewsNetwork.net, created for fun and learning, has expanded.

Joseph Nossiff Azarian, a 6th grader at Portsmouth Christian Academy at Dover, has recognized that the Internet offers a tremendous wealth of information and is a part of our everyday lives.

However, navigating it is not without risk, especially to our younger population. Familiarizing oneself with the use of the Internet as well as computers in general, in this day and age, is integral to success. If educated properly with its use, the Internet and computer can be a very safe and effective tool for learning.

Through his interest and aptitude for computer science, Joseph developed a website 2 1/2 years ago known as www.KidsComputerNewsNetwork.net (KcNN). Now the site has quite a following with as many as 1,000 hits per day. The website offers a safer place for kids to familiarize themselves with the Internet, while significantly reducing the risks associated with navigating randomly.

Joseph remains committed to his mission, ‘creating a safer place for kids to surf the Internet.’ The expanded Kids Computer News Network offers many different activities.

— To assist with school, KcNN provides free access to Microsoft Word and Excel as well as an ability to create an e-mail through KcNN.

— There are many fun educational and gaming links such as Penguin Math and Mincraft.

— Virtual tours of sites such as the Grand Canyon, White House, and Statue of Liberty are featured.

— Another link, Google Earth, allows a bird’s-eye view of anywhere in the world, even one’s own back yard; it’s also a good way to learn about geography.

— For those wishing to track Santa’s journey on Christmas Eve, they need simply to click on NORAD Santa Tracker.

— There are free gifts that kids can give their parents. There are also many fun things shared, such as favorite books, movies, and recipes.

There is something to be enjoyed by all kids on KcNN and Joseph is committed to updating frequently to keep it interesting.

Though KcNN is kid-friendly, it is not a substitute for parental oversight and involvement. As we are always aware of children’s whereabouts when they leave our homes, so too, should we know their whereabouts while navigating the Internet.

Fosters.com original story from December 13, 2013

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