Homecoming Games 2014

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PCA Eagles Succeed on Saturday

The PCA Eagles experienced a level of success on Saturday that excited and shocked everyone. The day was filled with three major victories in Cross Country, Boys Soccer, and Girls Soccer.

The Lady Eagles started off strong with a 2-0 victory over Concord Christian. The girls previously lost to Concord at Concord’s homecoming game, two weeks prior. It was evident in the girls’ play on Saturday that they were hungry for revenge.

The two goals were scored by Hannah Daly (’17) and Abby Barker (’18). Daly who recently transitioned from defense, back to her original position of midfield said, “It felt good to win. I’m glad to be back at a position that I have more experience at. It was an awesome team effort that led us to win, and I’m glad I was able to contribute.” This win bumped the girls up to 12th place and they now have a 4-9-1 record.

The Eagles continued the winning streak with a 3-1 victory over Concord Christian. The boys had previously faced a similar defeat as the girls had, losing to Concord at Concord’s homecoming game. Their three goals were scored by Joseph Yoon (’17), Shaun Bradley (’16), and Noah Johnson (’16).

The game started off strong with the Eagles scoring first, Concord Christian counterattacked and the score was soon 1-1. The Eagles gained momentum however after Bradley scored. When asked how this win felt Bradley said, “It felt great to win, hopefully it will be enough to push us into the playoff chase. This win was especially great because we were able to show our potential in front of our homecoming crowd.” This win improved the boy’s record to 2-10-1, placing them in 16th place.

Cross Country rounded out the events with a victory. The Eagles won in both the girls and guys combined scores. There were many personal goals accomplished as well. Emma Foley (’16) set a new personal record.  “It was great to know that a season filled with hard work really paid off, especially because it was our last home meet. The team won and it was really great to see everyone come out and support us.” The Cross Country team is hoping that their hard work this season will carry into the following track seasons, as many of these athletes also are a part of the winter and spring track teams.

The Girls Soccer Team and the Cross Country Team both experienced their final home games during homecoming. The Boys Soccer Team has one home game left, here’s the Athletic Calendar in order to find out when you can catch them in action.

by Kristin Durham (’16)  Written for the Talon.

Photos from Saturday’s Homecoming Games

Varsity Cross Country  Congratulations to the Boys & Girls Cross Country teams who each won their 4 way meets against Newmarket, Epping & Raymond. The top three finishers overall in the boys race were Tommy Longo, Zach Hartman & Jack Longo.

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Girls Varsity Soccer vs. Concord Christian  PCA Eagles won 2-0! Go Eagles!

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Boys Varsity Soccer vs Concord Christian PCA Eagles won 3-1. Congratulations!

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