Gymnastics at PCA

PCA Gymnastics

Sports have always been a big part of life at PCA and this year there is a new team to cheer on—the Girls Gymnastics team! The team consists of Rebecca Poole (‘16), Lyndsey Longo (‘17), and Veronica Skubisz (‘17).  Gymnastics is a physically demanding sport, full of injuries and heartbreak, but these girls are willing to give their all to win. There are four events in which a gymnast can compete in during a meet:  uneven bars, balance beam, vault, and floor routine. The girls can compete in any number of these events during the high school meets. Gymnastics practice can be very time-consuming as some gymnasts spend 15 or more hours per week in the gym. It’s amazing these girls manage to get their schoolwork done and participate in other extracurricular activities. But for the girls on the PCA team, it’s not a laughing matter. “I’ve been doing gymnastics since 2nd grade,” said Longo. Rebecca Poole said, “I’ve been doing gymnastics on and off for nine years. I loveit because it’s challenging and it teaches me to push myself and not give up, even on the bad days or practices.”

While the difficulty and dedication required of gymnastics is evident, so is the reward, especially now that the PCA girls have official recognition. Instead of competing individually, they have teammates to have fun with and a school to represent. Now, they have an audience to play for and people to support them.  And the girls really do like it. As Lyndsey Longo commented, “I like everyone on the team [at PCA]. We are a small team, and we can bond so easily. Gymnastics takes a lot of time and effort and having PCA make it a team and let us share it with everyone at the school makes the effort a relief in the end.”

Gymnastics is a serious sport and PCA is proud to have such talented girls to represent them at meets. As they are a small team, they are always ready to welcome anyone who shares their same love and passion for the sport. Please continue to cheer on these amazing Lady Eagles in their upcoming meets!

Written by PCA Student Jessica Mayes (’16)