Donna Wyman, PCA’s school nurse, has a “wish list” of items. If you would like to donate any of the following items to her office, please drop them off at the Lower School, attn: Nurse.

Thank you for your caring support in big and small ways. It’s greatly appreciated.

  • Lysol Spray
  • Bandaids-small size-latex free
  • Benedryl(diphenhydramine)- liquid and tablets(chewables or caplets)
  • Gluten free snacks
  • Oatmeal packets
  • Saltine Crackers
  • Vitamin C drops
  • Medium Sized Back Pack
  • Resealable plastic bags-snack, sandwich sizes
  • Lubriderm Seriously Sensitive Lotion
  • 4 or 5 ounce paper or plastic cups
  • Tissues
  • Zippered pencil cases (large enough to hold an Epi Pen and inhaler)