Good news for New Hampshire-based businesses and individuals supportive of Christian education and private school choice! The New Hampshire State Legislature has enacted a law that allows individuals or business organizations to make monetary donations to approved scholarship organizations. For these contributions, the donor will receive a tax credit against the Business Profits Tax and/or Business Enterprise Tax, or Interest and Dividends Tax, for 85% of their donation. On the whole, PCA students and families have been awarded roughly $90,000 in scholarships as a result of this program!

There are two organizations approved to award scholarships to eligible families whose children will be attending private Christian schools in New Hampshire:

Giving and Going Alliance – provides scholarships for faith-based schools in NH
Children’s Scholarship Fund – provides scholarships for all private schools in NH

PCA is a member of The Giving and Going Alliance because of its focus on faith-based education, yet both organizations have supported PCA and its students. By donating to one or both of these organizations, you can receive a tax credit AND make it possible for parents with limited means to choose PCA for their children. Steps you can take now:

Apply for tax credits by completing the NH Department of Revenue Form ED-02 here.

Please contact Tricia Garton, Advancement Coordinator, at 603-742-3617 with any questions you may have about this opportunity to receive a tax credit and support Christian education in NH.

Parent to Parent: Why the Giving & Going Alliance Matters

Dear Fellow PCA Parents,

Our daughter Maya is finishing her first year at PCA and we all have loved our experience at the school. Unfortunately, we know that some hard-working families have a difficult time affording this quality Christian education for their multiple children. That is why we were excited to learn about The Giving and Going Alliance and a new NH law, which now allows us, business owners, to pay our NH State taxes to the educational fund of PCA!

The new legislation allows business organizations to make monetary donations to approved scholarship organizations. In the case of PCA, the scholarship organization is the Giving and Going Alliance, which sets aside the received amount to go to eligible PCA students. For these contributions, the business will receive a tax credit against the NH Business Profits Tax and/or Business Enterprise Tax for 85% of their donation. The remaining 15% of your business tax can go to any charitable organization, including PCA.

To us, it sounded all too good to be true at first – how could it be possible that we would receive a full tax credit for our annual NH Business Proprietorship taxes, while a PCA family could receive a corresponding amount as a scholarship? However, after speaking with our accountant and him explaining to us that it was all completely legitimate, we filled out two very simple application forms – one for each of our two businesses – and mailed them to the NH Department of Revenue. We received our letters of approval within a couple of days, which gave us full credit for all our [annual] NH business taxes. The only other step to take was to fill out one more donation form and mail it directly to PCA, with our payment check. The entire process took us fifteen minutes at the most!

So if you are like us, you will find tremendous satisfaction in being able to designate your remaining NH State business taxes to benefit a school like Portsmouth Christian Academy. Not only will you comply with all the NH State regulations, but a family or two will benefit from the fruit of your labor. We, as business owners, must pay taxes to the State anyway, so what is there to lose? It is a win-win situation!

Are you getting excited yet? If you are, do not delay taking action – the State deadline for distributing your NH business taxes to a school is June 15! You can read more about the program and print out the NH DRA application form above.

Vitali Bondar, DDS
Anya Bondar, RN, BS