Showing nightly May 25-27 at 7pm with a Saturday matinee at 2pm.

Tickets are $12 at the door. Buying 5 or more tickets? $10/ticket. Student Tickets are $10 each.

The Story

Based on the story told in Genesis, this musical is the delightful retelling of Joseph and his brilliantly colored coat. Joseph, the favorite son of Jacob, is blessed with vivid dreams he interprets to mean he will one day be elevated above his brothers with great authority. These dreams lead to his 11 jealous brothers selling him into slavery which marks the beginning of a series of adventures that challenge Joseph to his very core. He is sold to Potiphar, where he soon finds favor and is promoted to head of the household. Unfortunately, Potiphar’s wife makes advances towards Joseph, and when Joseph tries to run away, he is framed, ending up behind bars. However, word of Joseph’s gift of dream interpretation sparks the interest of the Pharaoh. With Pharaoh’s favor, Joseph is freed and on his way to being second-in-command of the country that first named him a slave. Eventually, Joseph’s brothers find themselves unknowingly groveling at the feet of the brother they betrayed. A truly timeless Old Testament tale, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is set to a multitude of musical genres, and is packed with energy, dance, and an explosion of color.

Chamber Theater: Stylistic Choice

The inspiration for the style of our show is based on Chamber Theater style. This style take a creative approach to narration, relying heavily on the narrator and an ensemble cast that is able to change roles and characters from scene to scene, creating a modern, fast paced imaginative show. The “chamber” format poses other unique production challenges for theater as well. It uses limited space for many settings, and because it’s not a realistic set, it challenges the audience to imagine along with the actors. The set and props are minimal, you will notice that the jail, the throne, and even a chariot are created imaginatively. The actors interact with the different spaces as if they are real, and this is what creates the world of the play. Because of this, the audience’s attention is wholly on the actors. The ensemble contains the entirety of the cast, clearly shown by their similar costumes. Each character will step out of the ensemble to play their role. You will notice the actors playing Joseph, Narrators, and a few others weaving in and out between their characters and the ensemble. By relying completely on the ensembles’ teamwork, energy, and imagination, the story of Joseph is brought to life.


Cast List

Nidhi Bhat Ensemble
Skylar Cummings Ensemble
Abigail Eisner Ensemble
Kaleigh McKenney Ensemble
Maddy Kniphfer Ensemble
Pascale Parent Ensemble
Madison Rodriguez Ensemble
Emily Russell Ensemble
Ella Skubisz Ensemble
Julie Stevens Ensemble
Zach Tower Ensemble
Gillian Brown Ensemble/Dancer
Adriana Howland Ensemble/Dancer
Davis Michaud Levi/Ensemble
Amy Cunningham Baker/Zebulan/Dancer
Molly McKenney Butler/Asher
Ben Abraham Gad
Luke Beal Issachar
Cameron Knightly Simeon
Emilee LaRose Judah/Potiphar’s Wife/Dancer
Nick Lauer Jacob/Levi
Zach Mitrook Dan/Potiphar
AJ O’Neil Naptholi/Pharoah
Samuel Stevens Benjamin
Abby Vaccaro Reuben/Dancer
Cam Knightly Joseph 1/Ensemble
Joe Stevens Joseph 2/Ensemble
Hannah Gagnon Narrator 1
Elizabeth Henry Narrator 2
Megan Murphy Narrator 3

Tech Crew

Sarah Poole  Stage Manager
Maria Johnson  Assistant Stage Manager
Matt Corso  Lighting Designer
Erik Diehl  Assistant Lighting Designer
Zach Hartman  Sound Engineer
Krish Kothimbakam  Assistant Sound Engineer
Jack Longo  Technical Director