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A beautiful and poignant play with music about a tender and deeply moving subject that has affected each and every one of us. Written by a local playwright who was living in Manhattan on September 11, 2001, just several blocks downtown of ground zero; this play speaks to the sentiment that no one is ever really alone. Take the journey with Carrie, a 12 year old girl who seems to be emotionally “stuck”, as this tragic event continues to define her life, but with the help of friends and a few unexpected helping hands, she manages to find hope.

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Are you 21st century savvy? Blog your innermost thoughts. Break up by text. Express your deepest emotions through ringtones and smilies. And Yell! This vignette play is a comical real world look at the way this generation communicates, or doesn’t! This show will have you laughing and nodding your head as you recognize your own teen’s attitudes toward our electronic and 24/7 connected world.

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This gripping play examines the tension between an actress and the character she portrays. Night after night, sweet Shelly Preston performs the part of wicked Amelia in an off-Broadway hit. The play’s success depends on her ability to step completely and realistically into her role, but Shelly worries that the character is taking over her mind.

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A tour de force by the cast of 4 PCA high school students who will take this play to the New Hampshire One-Act Theatre Festival.

Congratulations to PCA Senior Kylie Sanborn for receiving an All Star Company Award for Excellence in Acting in the New Hampshire State Drama Festival at Kingswood Regional High School! READ MORE

Black Box Theatre Cast List

Black Box Theatre:  What is it?
A black box (or experimental theater) is a bare room with a movable seating area, a movable stage, and a flexible lighting system. It became popular during the explosion of experimental theatre in the 1960s, when storefronts, church basements, and even old trolley barns suddenly became intimate performance venues. For our first Black Box production we are presenting a night of one-act plays.

So….what is a One-Act play?
A one-act play, as the name suggests, is a play that takes place, from begining to end, in a single act. While technically, the one-act gets its name from having only one act (can run anywhere from 10 minutes to one hour), it’s more commonly thought of as a play that isn’t long enough to constitute a full evening. The most popular length for one-acts is around a half-hour. At this length, a play can fit into an evening with a pair of other one-acts.

So…what does this all mean?

At PCA Players Black Box Theatre production you will see 3 one-act plays, enjoy a great evening of diverse theatre, laugh a lot, have an intermission, visit the concession stand, be part of a first time experience at PCA, and support the hard work and dedication of the PCA Players as they present their first evening of Black Box Theatre!