Family Story: The Howe Family

Meet the Howe Family

“We have lived in our town for over 12 years, and both of our boys had been in the public school system. Over their nine years in school, I saw things I didn’t like and didn’t agree with. One day, God spoke to me and prompted me to call and set up a tour of PCA.  I didn’t think through any details at all… I just called.

From there, the rest is history. I met with admissions, toured the school and fell in LOVE with everything about it. THAT DAY!

When I walked into the school, I was greeted by the friendly staff. I saw the scripture on the walls and felt the real love that the staff displayed towards me and the children. I saw the children at PCA and how happy they were, and I felt it at that moment that this needed to happen for our boys. After I toured. we brought the boys to do experience day and my husband toured as well. I knew I was sold on switching schools but wanted to make sure they were, too!

The boys came home after spending a day and asked, “When do we start?” They didn’t think for one moment to stay where they were. They were ready. The boys fell in love with PCA.

Our boys started in August and we have not looked back. We have seen nothing but great things happening in our boys’ lives since we started at PCA. What we have witnessed is a true blessing from God. We are so thankful that we have been able to first-hand witness these things.

The way the boys smile when they get dropped off in the morning, the excitement when we pick them up, the interactions and the care and compassion we see from the teachers to our boys, the respect that the children have for the teachers… it is a drastic change for us.

PCA has enabled our boys to academically excel, focus on their walk in faith, and experience a true gift from God. Both are doing things they normally wouldn’t have done. Our 8th grader has been more involved in activities and motivated academically than he ever was. He challenges himself and wants to do well in school. We don’t have to worry when we drop them off. We get communication from teaches daily if we want. We feel welcomed and know that all the teachers care and pray for our boys.

It is truly amazing to be able to see our boys be able to finally pray at school, to talk about the true meaning of Christmas at Christmas, to see the special gifts God has given them and they can apply, but mostly it’s a gift to know our boys are happy. When they are happy and we know we are following Gods plan, it makes all the difference in the world. We cannot imagine not being at PCA.”

Originally Posted: February 5, 2020