End of Year Athletic Awards

July 10, 2014PCA News Stories

Hannah Daly_softball_lk
Alex Garton Jav ANDERS

PCA strives to provide competitive athletic teams that will represent Christ and our school with pride. This year was an amazing example of that. Our student athletes worked hard on and off the field and the way they play, with heart and strength, has been noticed by all. During the end of the year awards chapel the following students received special awards for their involvement in PCA Athletics for 3-seasons this past year and 2 students managed to play 4-seasons by doubling up on 2 different sports in one season!

THREE-Season Athletes

  • Carly Baracco
  • Shaun Bradley
  • Danielle Brashear
  • Emily Brashear
  • Hannah Daly
  • Nicole Dudley
  • Alexandra Garton
  • Zachary Hartman
  • Asja James
  • Cyann Karnes
  • Justin LeDuc
  • Benson Leung
  • Jack Longo
  • Lyndsey Longo
  • Devin Lund
  • Haakon Lund
  • Naomi Murzin
  • Rebecca Poole
  • Cara Song
  • Wesley Tobin
  • Joseph Towle
  • Ashley Vining
  • David Williams
  • Joseph Yoon
B Lovern Soccer_ANDERS
T LongoSpring Track_14_ANDERS (6)

FOUR-Season Athletes

  • Benjamin Lovern
  • Thomas Longo

Students were also recognized by the NHIAA and Granite State Conference.

Male Player of the YEar_Justin LeDuc

The NHIAA recognized Justin LeDuc for being a Three Season Athlete for all 4 years of High School.

Wes and Shawn_Anders

PCA Athletes voted All Conference for the Granite State Conference:

Tennis – Tim Johnson
Track and Field – Peter Taylor
Baseball – Wesley Tobin and Ryan Lemire
Softball – Ashley Vining and Nicole Dudley

Granite State Conference “Player of the Year” award winners:

Ashley Vining_VSoftball
Peter T High Jump_lk

Ashley Vining and Peter Taylor

PCA also awarded their Athletes of the year.

Nicole D _Basketball_Anders

PCA Female Athlete of the Year  Nicole Dudley

Justin LeDuc_VBaseball

PCA Male Athlete of the Year  Justin LeDuc