Class of 2014: $3.5 Million and Counting

senior class (most of them)

One of the primary reasons that parents enroll their children at Portsmouth Christian Academy is the expectation that they will receive an education that enhances their child’s opportunities to attend the college of their choice.

The PCA Upper School class of 2014 is illustrative of the results that can be achieved when hard working students, supportive parents, a proven college preparatory curriculum, an aggressive guidance department, and a first-rate faculty combine their efforts to achieve a desired goal.

Already, the students in the Class of 2014 have received 130 acceptances from 90 different colleges. Of special note this year are acceptances at Columbia, William and Mary, Boston College Honors Program, Boston University, Holy Cross, NYU, Northeastern Honors Program, Clemson, Texas A&M, UMASS, Baylor, Wheaton, Ohio University, Dartmouth, Syracuse, RPI, WPI, and the Fordham Honors Program to name but a few. A complete list is available by clicking here.

Even more remarkable is the amount of merit scholarship support that has been offered by the accepting schools.  To date, our senior class has been awarded over $3,500,000 in merit scholarships!  This is an enormous amount of financial support for a class of only 42 students, and it averages over $83,000 per student!  Several seniors received “full boat” scholarships (four complete years)!  Such generosity clearly indicates that PCA graduates are highly prized and worthy of a substantial outlay by the accepting colleges. PCA continues to provide a proven course of study that will offer all of our hard-working students the potential to attend the finest universities in the country.

Written by PCA Headmaster Dennis Runey