Backstage in Wonderland

November 13, 2013PCA News Stories

Dorothy, Toto, Lion, and Scarecrow meet the Mad Hatter and the March Hare in Wonderland.

What happens when Dorothy and her friends are whisked off into a new adventure in Wonderland?  Last week at the PCA Players’ fall play, Dorothy in Wonderland, audiences watched as the beloved characters from Oz and Wonderland interacted and together tried to defeat the Queen of Hearts and find their way home.  There were four performances full of laughter and fun for all who attended. For the past two months the student actors have been working hard to put the show together, but what most people don’t know is how much student work is put into the action behind the stage.

tech 1

At PCA, the entire backstage and technical crew is student run. While the actors are the ones who are visible, a huge part of the show’s success rests in the hands of the unseen crew. Without these hardworking students, there would be no stage light, no sound, and no way to change scenes. For two weeks before the show opens, these students work  hard to ensure that the lighting, sound, and scenery are perfect. When the show starts, everything is solely student run. The Director sits in the audience and gives all the responsibility over to the student Stage Manager and the rest of the backstage and technical crew.

Dorothy in Wonderland: Backstage and Technical Crew

The opportunity, for those who are part of this behind the scenes work, is invaluable. They learn the importance of teamwork and responsibility as they learn how to run the lighting and sound, set the stage, and manage props.  They also learn many life skills that will serve them well in school and beyond, like how to work productively with a short deadline, problem solve, and how to work on a professional level with others. It’s a hands-on learning experience that is one of the many opportunities of an enriched education at PCA.

Contributed by PCA Student Jess Mayes (’16)