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Student Feature: Supported in Community, Growing in Independence

By Better Together Blog

Evie, Grade 10

We’re continuing to celebrate International Week at the Upper School by sharing stories of international students within our own PCA family! Today, we are spotlighting Evie, from Hunan, China. Coming to PCA as a Freshman, she’s currently in her Sophomore year and eager to share how her time here has impacted her thus far.  Continue reading to learn more about her experience at PCA.


Portsmouth Christian Academy Presents Black Box Theatre Performance as Dine-In Movie Experience

By PCA News Stories

January 29, 2021 – Dover, NH – Portsmouth Christian Academy (PCA) is presenting Black Box theatre performances this weekend in the form of a live Dine-In Moviea first of its kind for the school. 

PCA is delivering both productions under Covid health and safety protocols while allowing audience members to engage with the show’s characters.   

This year’s unique production is presented as back-to-back, pre-recorded one-act plays. The first performance is The Internet is Distract – Oh, Look a Kitten!, presented by the PCA Junior High Playerswritten by Ian McWethy and directed by Melissa Weisberg. The second performance is Oz, performed by PCA Upper School Players, written by Don Zolidis and directed by 11th grade student, Abigail Eisner.   Read More

Alumni Feature: Preparation for Life by Leading with Love

By Better Together Blog

Caroline Brown, PCA Class of 2020 

Part of the reasoning behind my choice to study engineering was the desire to make an impact on the world. With the gifts I was given by God and the skills I have developed—and will further develop—I have the opportunity to be a part of the teams that work on solving the global grand challenges. Particularly, engineering better medicines and advancing health informatics are two of the global challenges that stand out to me as a chance for me to impact the world for good. These are important as the advancement in medicine and health sciences will continue to be a necessity and will leave a sustainable change in the world and bring sustainable benefits to the people. As I continue on in my academic career, I am reaching towards the goal of leaving an impact on the world by becoming a biological engineer. 

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PCA Honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

By PCA News Stories

…using technology and the arts to highlight the importance of Dr. King’s life and the Civil Rights Movement in our country…

Portsmouth Christian Academy hosted assemblies for their students in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. These assemblies featured the Bright Star Touring Theatre who presented a live Zoom performance of the virtual play, Struggle for Freedom: The Life of Dr. King for grades 6-12, and a similar presentationMeet Dr. King, for grades K-5.   Read More

Alumni Feature: Molded By the Arts, Pursuing My Passions 

By Better Together Blog

Megan Murphy, PCA Class of 2018 

The fine and performing arts have been part of my life for almost as long as I can remember. No matter what endeavors I’ve pursued, I’ve always returned to these creative environments. With this in mind, I decided to combine my artistic passions with my writing, organization, and people skills, and pursue a career in arts management (specifically public relations, programming, and marketing). I hope to enrich people’s lives by helping introduce them to art, whether that’s theatre, dance, music, singing, or visual works. Such forms of expression have changed my life, and I aspire to share them with others. 

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Alumni Feature: Impacting the World for Good

By Better Together Blog

Tricia Fontneau-Ramos

A&R Coordinator at Hollywood Records & Disney Music Publishing, PCA Class of 2013 

Since graduating from PCA almost every decision I’ve made has been based off of how I can impact those around me and how I can make an impact on a greater level. No matter what you do or who you’re around you can be a light. My biggest passion in life is music and once I got my start in the music business my approach was to be the person who others could come to and lean on no matter what it may be. I knew it wasn’t always about what words I would say, but my character and how dependable I could be for my team. Now that I’ve had more time in my role and career development, it has become clear what ways I can try and make “bigger” impacts outside of my immediate circle. Having built this mindset as part of my foundation at PCA has been a great help to me.  Read More