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PCA Selects New Upper School Principal

By PCA News Stories

Portsmouth Christian Academy (PCA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Jordan Heckelmann as the new Principal of PCA’s Upper School.

Heckelmann, who has taught 8th Grade at PCA since 2016, was selected after a year-long search for the right candidate to lead the school’s Upper School, which serves students in grades 9-12. Read More

The Lower School Art Show Goes Virtual

By PCA News Stories

The month of May has always been a “showcase” month for PCA’s Fine Arts program, and no pandemic can get in our way! Thanks to great technology and creative students at home, the Art Show is chock full of beautiful masterpieces. The blessing of having this virtual art show is that it can be easily shared with you! Grab a lemonade and enjoy the amazing work of our PCA students. Read More

PCA Adds Exciting New Courses for Fall 2020

By PCA News Stories

Portsmouth Christian Academy (PCA) is making big plans for next year. While much of the details of the 2020-2021 school year are uncertain due to the COVID-19 pandemic, PCA is moving forward with plans to add several courses to the Upper School schedule in the fall. In response to student interest, the fall course offerings list will include five new additions: Botany, Zoology, Election 2020, Engineering, and Jazz Band.

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Portsmouth Christian Academy to Host Virtual Auction

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Portsmouth Christian Academy (PCA) will host their 25th Annual Auction this year virtually in response to COVID-19. 
The Annual Auction, PCA’s largest annual fundraiser to support the school’s Variable Tuition programis a highlight event of the year for the school communityThe generosity and enthusiasm of the PCA community raised $160,000 last year to benefit families who otherwise would not be able to send their children to PCA. 

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Overcoming Procrastination: Strategies for Learning at Home 

By Better Together Blog
After weeks of work-from-home, struggles with focus, engagement, and productivity are common for parents and students alike. It seems that everything takes longer than it should, and we’re all struggling to stay engagedAs you seek to support your child through continued distance learning, identifying which obstacles are in the way of time management and implementing strategies to overcome difficulties can help get your child on a more productive track.   Read More

A Peek Inside PCA: Bringing Music and Art to the Virtual Classroom

By Better Together Blog
When we think of the arts in education, we picture musicians packed into a room, practicing a challenging piece together. We picture collaborative art classes, with students providing feedback on each-other’s masterpieces. We imagine stages full of actors, reading scripts and dancing together.  

None of these images pass the six-feet social distancing test, so how does a school like Portsmouth Christian Academy (PCA), with a strong emphasis on the arts, continue educating students in the visual arts, theatre, and music?  Read More